As gang violence continues to spiral out of control in Honduras, three families find themselves caught between a state that cannot keep them safe and another that refuses to let them escape..

Director, Cameraperson + Editor


MJ Hegar for Texas political ad featuring her mother’s experience with domestic violence

Camera Assistant + DIT


Collapse is a new single by Emme Video directed by Emme, Alison Week, and Sarah Kuck

Director of Photography


Via brings on-demand transit to Austin with Capital Metro.

Director, Editor


Even the walls is a 27-minute documentary featuring the residents of yesler Terrace. nine tenants reflect on their memories and the meaning of home on the eve of their neighborhood's destruction.

Co-Director, Producer + Editor


They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon.

2nd Assistant Camera + DIT 



in Fall to Rise, a famous principal dancer injures her knee and attempts to settle into motherhood only to realize she has no identity without dance, and struggles to return with the help of an equally troubled former company dancer. 

2nd Assistant Camera + DIT 


Jack & Paul is a short film about a therapist, Jack, and his patient, Paul; both are trying to make a phone call to save their romantic relationships. Starring Jayce Bartok and Jeff Pucillo, and made in collaboration with the veteran indie producer Robert Hawk,

Editor, 2nd Assistant Camera + Dit


Deputized is a feature length documentary film that examines a hate crime that resulted in the murder of Ecuadorian immigrant, Marcelo Lucero. Filmed over three years, the film explores the local and national forces that came together to create an atmosphere of anti-immigrant hatred. 

Assistant Editor + Assistant Field producer

With support from The City of Tacoma, Earth Economics wanted to create a five minute piece on their recent efforts to show the environmental and economic benefits of providing parks. 

Videographer, sound engineer + Editor 

On Feb 17, more than 40K people came to the National Mall to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline. Onsite video creation for Yes! Magazine. This story also lives here with commentary. 

Videographer + Editor

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